Nature around Ebeltoft


The nature around Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft is situated in one of the national parks inDenmark: The National Park Mols Hills. The area around Ebeltoft represents some of the most beautiful and unique nature inDenmark.

The National Park Mols Bjerge

The National Park Mols is named after the best know natural area of the park: Mols Hills - but Mols Hills only cover a small part of the national park. The park covers a totality of 150 km² land and 30 km² sea. 

The landscape varies between large hills, measuring up to137 mabove sea level, and different types of nature like moor, forest, bog, pasture, and exciting coast nature, with wonderfull bathing beaches, fishing, and plenty of possibility for yachting.

In Mols Hills it is possible to hike, ride, participate in guided tours, or visit the many sightseeings.

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