Summer Festival

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 For more than 80 years it has been a tradition to arrange the Summer Festival in Ebeltoft. At first the Festival  was held on the old square in the centre, but today the whole arrangement takes place on the beach north of the Frigate Jylland.

Again this year the Summer Festival in Ebeltoft will offer something for every age and interest, when the Festival takes place at the area by Strandvejen in the week 29.
All days Nordisk Tivolipark offer their attractions for small and great, and on the site the shopkeepers are all ready to strike a good bargain with the visitors.

 "Planning such an arrangement is quite a balance between maintaining the good, old succesful events and at the same time introduce something new and exciting. We are quite convinced that the programme this year holds something for everybody, and the situation of the Festival in itself invites to a visit and a stroll in what we hope will be good summer weather," Birthe Flück, member of the organizers, says.

The benefice from the Summer Festival is shared equally between the Summer Festival Committee and Lions Club Mols, who both distribute the total benefits to local associations, and to answer to needs both locally and internationally.

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